sweet onions, sweet greens, and sweet peas!

I have heard people say since we moved here that summer doesn’t start until July; still, in the last three and a half years I have felt like the cool, wet weather turned to sunshine early enough. Summers here are never as hot as in Nebraska, and the nights are always shockingly cool to me as I don a sweater even in August when the sun sets most nights. Still, they seemed long enough, beginning around the end of May and lasting into September. This year, I see, that the sun is not always guaranteed to return in a timely manner. As our place is blasted by cool wind today (and all day yesterday) the warmth of Sunday is hard to hold onto, especially when other sure signs of other seasons are visiting our little farm.
Those signs would be the farmer down with the flu yesterday, and still today not able to move from the bed!! Not anything we were expecting in June, and not the easiest thing to deal with on harvest and delivery day when it is just he and I and the three little munchkins who manage this business. So this week I will cut the newsletter short as I take on his duties as well as mine in an effort to get these veggies out to all of you. I feel blessed to have the help of another farm family(the Murpheys of Hope Springs Farm), who have chicken work of their own to do today, but are coming over to help for most of the morning. Andre asked me to call everyone and try for deliveries tomorrow, but with the help of some friends, I am hoping to get a good harvest in and get out of here on time. The children and I began last night, picking the first of the snow peas!! And snow peas are a sign of spring, not summer. So although I long for the warmth to come and stay, for the sun to put down his roots beside my plants for the months to come rather than flit in and out of my days as he is…I will wait out the cool weather and the sick farmer patiently as I revel in the sweetness of the spring garden–sweet onions, sweet greens, and sweet peas!

4 thoughts on “sweet onions, sweet greens, and sweet peas!

  1. Thanks Lisa!! I almost did give you guys a call for help with the kids around delivery time…I should have:-)

  2. Hey, I didn’t see the blog is reactivated…good to see it’s back.

    Definitely give a call if you guys get into a jam…it’s always a mystery whether we can pull it off, but it’s worth asking!


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