Better late than never (An introduction)

This has been haunting the back of my mind ever since Andre took the initiative and began cutting and pasting the musings from our weekly CSA newsletters on this blog. It wasn’t that we hadn’t agreed to this…the link to the blog was added to our web site as we pieced it together earlier this spring. He had set it all up, and let me know that it was waiting for me to grace it with these words. Well…the CSA season started, and from that point on this summer it felt like I was two steps behind on everything that needed to be done. Needless to say, the blog wasn’t a priority when just keeping up with the kids and the weeds took up most of my time.

Now that it has started, I am glad to have another place to put what is written for our farm members each week, as well as any other time I feel inspired to speak about this farm and this family. But it just hasn’t felt right, hasn’t appeased my need to lay things out in order, to have some control over how this presents itself. Andre just began with a post, a late season excerpt from our newsletter, and there was no introduction to the blog, no telling of the who, what, why, where, and how.

So, better late than never! I will sleep so much better having gotten this off of my chest-the introduction to what is going on with this blog. Us, the Jaillet family (mom Sheila, dad Andre, boy Olorin (6), boy Luca (3 1/2), and baby girl Acacia (1)), and the beginning of our lives as farmers of sorts. Unfortunately, I can’t go back and start from the beginning and have it all laid out in order, all that was our first year of farm business and pleasure, but I can post some of the juicier nuggets from this season’s newsletters with their dates to make the picture clearer. And as we have come to look at the farm itself, we will work towards a better tomorrow from there!

2 thoughts on “Better late than never (An introduction)

  1. Sheila, I have been enjoying your blog. So much so that I have nominated you for a Nice Matters Award. You can look at the details on my blog.

  2. Hi Sheila

    Nice to ‘meet’ you…blogging sure is tough in the midst of the growing season, huh?

    You can edit the date settings on the post, and make it show up before all of the others, if it appeals to your sense of closure…we’ll be the only ones who know 🙂


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