CSA and Market

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Our 2013 Main Season CSA is Full!  

Please contact us about our Summer Only Share Program

Or Sign up at our Market Booth for a Market Share!

CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture and refers to a unique farmer-consumer relationship that is created when members invest in a farm for an entire season, thereby allowing that farm to count on their support for a whole year, while in return the farm provides them with its glorious bounty. It is one of the most proven small farm models and its benefits are far reaching. Consumers build relationships with both those growing their food as well as with others in their community supporting their farm, and it allows farmers to be directly tied to the people eating their goods. Consumers can trust that their food is safe and fresh unlike food shipped from far away and grown on a larger scale, and farmers are not subject to the volatile world market and are even buffered slightly from the variables of the local market. CSA members enjoy a wide range of produce and know that for each week they are participating, they are guaranteed delicious and healthy food to feed themselves or their family.

2013 will be our 7th year offering CSA subscriptions!  Although we are constantly learning and re-adapting, we confidently offer high quality produce and a user friendly CSA experience!


Growing Wild Farm’s CSA Program

CSA members receive a harvest of what is ripe and ready from the fields. Each week’s harvest is slightly different, although they remain similar through each given season. The shares are designed to be a well rounded representation of what is in season, and the share size ranges in value from $20-$23, based on our farmer’s market prices. This amount is sometimes enough for two adults who really enjoy eating vegetables and sometimes enough for a larger family, all depending on eating and cooking styles.   Some folks supplement with their own gardens, while others find it necessary to split their share with another family. We have realized over the years that this is quite variable, so we aim for somewhere in the middle with our share size and find that our members usually find the size just right. Please look at the sample harvest page to see what this looks like throughout the year. CSA members also receive a 25% discount when shopping from our farmer’s markets booths, Saturday’s year round and Thursdays in the summer.  This allows our members  to receive delicious produce from our farm for less during the weeks that we are not harvesting full CSA shares.

Included with each week’s vegetable harvest is a newsletter that includes farm news, musings about life on the farm, and local or national issues that relate to farming or our community, as well as in depth vegetable descriptions, growing information, and most importantly, plenty of cooking ideas and recipes to try with your fresh produce.

And for fun, we offer at least two open farm/potluck events during the season so that members can visit the farm and see where their veggies are grown and enjoy community and the country with us and each other.

New for 2013–Market Shares!

For those of you who like to pick and choose what produce you want to take home for the week, but still want to offer steady and sure support for our farm, consider a market share, or market credit!  For $90 at a time, we will set you up with a $100 credit at our Farmer’s Market booth.  Each week, stop by and grab what you like.  We will deduct what you take from your credit until you have used it up.  So easy!  Contact us for further details or stop by and chat with us on Thursdays at the McMinnville Farmer’s Market!

Market share members also receive the weekly newsletter and invitation to our farm events, and our market table will be full of all the market favorites–salad mix, kale, chard, carrots, beets, radishes, onions, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, and fresh herbs–as well as the special and unique items we love to experiment with or find almost as popular as the mainstays.  Kohlrabi, anyone!



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