About the farm

Our Farm

We are Andre and Sheila Jaillet, and alongside our 4 homegrown sprouts, Olorin, Luca, Acacia, and Cadence, we call Growing Wild Farm our home.   We are located 7-miles south of McMinnville, Oregon in the luscious Willamette Valley on a beautiful piece of land we are transforming into a community farm.   With a mix of hilly pasture, level hilltop, and winter wetland, Growing Wild Farm makes for the sweetest of homes and lends itself to a diversified natural food production system.  We aim to provide our family and community with a wide variety of delicious and nutritious, naturally grown food.

We moved to this land in the summer of 2006, moving when our young daughter was just 2 months old and the farmer was still working full time in landscaping.  We spent the five years prior to this move growing our beautiful children, our skills as gardeners, and our strong desire to grow food for our local community. Our  land is a beautiful combination of rolling hills and level hilltop, all sloping down to our bottom field which is a winter wetland, home to the migrating ducks and our chorus of frogs.  This mix of dimensions is the perfect fit for our diversified farm vision.  As stewards of these 14 acres, we hope to create a permanent agricultural system that is many layered, reflecting that found in nature.  We believe that everything in life is integrated, and look at our farm that way as well.  Here at Growing Wild Farm, we live and breath and farm, holistically.

We believe in local, sustainable food system.  We know there are scores of benefits from eating this way.  The food we grow and provide for others not only tastes better than conventionally grown food, but is ultimately better for you when it is picked fresh and grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.  Food farmed using practices that actually build soil structure and encourage a balanced ecosystem help protect our future, as the soil that feeds us and the complex environment surrounding us are intricately tied to our own well-being.  By supporting local agriculture, you also decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and increase the strength of your local economy.

Although our farm has chosen not to become certified organic, our farming practices are guided by the standards of this procedure, standards which include choosing organic seed when available, no genetically modified seed (GMO), practising crop rotation as well as constant soil improvement.  We use a mixture of cover crop, compost, sheet mulching, and when necessary, organic fertilizers and soil amendments to gain soil fertility.   We also grow only open-pollinated varieties as we believe in a plants natural selection process and in the depth of flavor this creates in our product, as well as allowing us to save some of our own seed.  Food from Growing Wild Farm delights the senses with its beauty and flavor, it is food as good as it gets!

Contact us:  growingwild@french.toast.net